LIVN reflects the symbiotic relationship between artist and audience that all but disappeared in 2020. As artists, we needed our audience as much as they needed us. And together with colleagues Sheila Conlin (producer), Devin Ehrig (operations) and Mike Tankel (marketing), we assembled a team to once again unite  artist and audience, delivering a unique and memorable experience that is appropriate for our time. Recognizing this need with an app and internet based delivery boom, the Zoom explosion and an acceleration of internet dependence, we saw technology, demand and access all come together. The result is LIVN, a real-time, live entertainment experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Filled  with surprise guests, tastings and special deliveries that help audiences enjoy, participate and share.  
We hope to see you at our next show!  Until then, keep LIVN: ROCKN • LAUGHN • TASTN • THINKN • GIVN